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 They call it a disease...

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PostSubject: They call it a disease...   Wed Jun 29, 2011 7:00 am

[center]I kew I was different. I knew it from the begining. Maybe I could have done something about it. I would have, if I could. The government only told me that I was sick. I had some sort of disease that needed to be taken care of. Something very important. I believed them. It was my onlyhope. Being stuck in a silver room for 11 years doesn't give you much hope, so that's all I had. The hope that it is just some sort of disease. A disease that can be cured.

I was wrong. They were wrong. I bet they knew all along that it wasn't a disease. That it was some sort of genetic mutation that made me this way. Still everyday goes on the same way. There are six of us genetically mutated teens with powers. And one of us gets tests done every day. It isn't easy. We have cuts all over our bodies from these tests, but what can we do? We know nothing besides that we have powers...

-You must be semi-lit+
-keep it pg rated please
-don't get too gory with the testing parts.


name: January
personality: sly, girly, clever, sarcastic
description: January has platinum blonde dead striaght layered hair that goes down to her waist. She has icy blue eyes and very pale skin. January wears white eyeliner, as it is her favorite color. She is very pretty.
powers: Can become invisible and go through solid objects
crush: no
other: hi? xD
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They call it a disease...
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